How to Use Prisma App for Android & iPhone [6 Steps]

The New launched App Prisma is quite simple to use. The App is similar to Instagram and VSCO Camera. But the users who haven’t yet used an Editing app so far find it is little difficult. Don’t worry! We are here to guide how to use the Prisma App.

How to Use Prisma App Android

The users may think what is so special about this App; Itís the artificial intelligence that is being used by the app to layer a particular filter on the image and make it look like an art.

How to Use Prisma App

Procedure to Use Prisma App

  1. First and the foremost the users need o download the Prisma App from the Apple App store
  2. Once the App is downloaded, visit the App, and you could find two portions. The first half is for camera part, and the other half is for options like i.e. capture, settings, etc.
  3. Now you can take a real photo, or you may choose a photo from your gallery to edit. Sometimes it is good you don’t have to capture a photo at that particular Time.
  4. Once the Photo is selected or Captured, you will be directed to next page which contains several Filters and each day a new filter will be introduced. So select one filter you want to edit and wait till it gets applied to your photo. You will be showed the preview at the same place.
  5. To change the Intensity of the Effect, which you have selected, you just need to drag your fingers from left to right and vice versa. It will increase or decrease the effect.
  6. For the time being the App is allowed to edit the standard pictures. But the Developers have informed that the app will be updated soon to apply filters even on GIF images.

The Prisma app interesting and quite simple right? The Prisma app is similar to Instagram and other Editing Apps. But for the New users, we hope it explains clearly.

Download the Prisma App and give the photo’s an Artistic touch.


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Prisma For Android – Mind-blowing App for Art Filters

There are apps which are only available for the Smartphone OS users, and gradually it will be available to Android users, and it may happen vice versa too, In the case of Prisma the first case prevails. Right now the Prisma app is only available for the iOS users, and soon it would be launched for Android users.

Prisma for Android Download

This fantastic photo editing App is available for iPhone since few days. Now it is planning to be available to Android users too very Fast. Millions of users are eagerly waiting for the launch of Prisma for Android.

Download Prisma for Android

The App is not yet available to download for the Android users. It may take few more Days to download officialy. The Prisma App Developers have planned to release the App for the Android users in the month of July. So users, please do wait some more days to get downloaded the app from your Google Play store.

Prisma App for Android

We will provide the link to download the app for Android Users once the app is officially released in the Google Play Store.

The Android Users are very anxious to welcome the App. There will be me more layers Available for the users because the more, the better you would get.

Prisma for Android Apk

Once the App is available, we will share even the APK file of the first release of the app if it is not coming to the Play Store right away and being tested on beta.

We will be updating about the App in our coming articles. Please do keep in touch with the Site to get the latest Updates.


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